Board of directors


From left to right: Raul Munilla, Juan Munilla, Jorge Munilla, Lou Munilla, Fernando Munilla and Pedro Munilla.

Executive Management


    With over 20 years of experience at MCM, Mr. Leal is responsible for overseeing operations for our Florida and Guantanamo Bay Offices. 

    GenCon Operations Manager

    Mr. Rasche has over 48 years of experience at all management levels on commercial and residential construction projects worth in excess of $8 billion. As part of his responsibilities, Jim oversees the operations of the General Construction division for MCM and all business development initiatives for the firm in the Southeast United States.

  • Robert t. Murphy, P.E.
    Florida Civil Operations Director

    Mr. Murphy has over 30 years of construction industry experience; specializing in senior management and executive administration of public works and transportation construction contracts including highway and bridge construction, utility and site development and water/wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Luis Munilla
    Texas Operations Director

    Mr. Munilla is in charge of MCM Texas with over 20 years of construction industry experience.  Prior to his relocation to Texas, Mr. Munilla was responsible for close to $500M worth of aviation work performed by MCM at Miami International Airport.

  • Gustavo Fernandez
    Panama Operations Director

    With over 20 years of executive managerial experience in the construction industry Mr. Fernandez has supervised a wide range of projects in the Aviation, Education, Healthcare, and Military fields.